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Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy

Enva is committed to ensuring that practical and effective measures are in place to minimise the risk of Covid-19 infection for our staff, customers and the communities within which we operate as a result of our business activities. 


Scope of Policy

This policy applies to all Enva business units operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our operations are generally considered to be critical services in the relevant jurisdictions; in many cases our services in waste management and industrial services play either a direct or indirect role in combatting the spread of Covid-19. This policy has been developed to ensure there is clarity of where responsibility rests and which actions are required within Enva to respond appropriately to the Covid-19 pandemic.



Each of Enva’s business units will ensure that an appropriate and effective Covid-19 response plan is developed and implemented. The development, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of each business unit’s Covid-19 response plan is led by the head of that business unit. This means that we have strong and active leadership that is focussed on the specific risks, operating environment and regulatory backdrop of each of our diverse business operations.

Each business must ensure that they have the appropriate resource in place to engage and train staff, promote our Covid-19 safety measures, take account of changing advice and continually assess and review our risks and control measures.

We are committed to:

      – Identifying and implementing all relevant governmental & regulatory advice.

      – Identifying key infection risks and having the controls in place to ensure that our workplaces are organised to minimise risk of Covid-19 infection amongst our staff, customers and other members of the communities in which we operate. This will focus on the following 3 pillars of control:

  – Communication & awareness, to our people, visitors, customers & the public

  – Social Distancing, to minimise physical interactions between people

  – Personal & workplace hygiene, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

     – Ensuring key Covid-19 related responsibilities of all relevant personnel are clearly defined and communicated.

     – Providing the right training and routinely engaging with our people so that they know what is expected of them. This engagement includes mechanisms to allow staff that are worried or concerned about Covid-19 risk in their working environment to report their concerns and to have them addressed.

     – Monitor our performance, routinely reporting on key events, trends and outcomes.

     – Monitoring the changing situation of Covid-19, learning from evolving best practice and incorporating changing advices from relevant government and regulatory authorities.

The Enva board has overall responsibility for reviewing and approving this policy statement. This statement is given effect in each business unit by its own procedures and risk assessments. These are aligned with this policy statement and relevant national requirements and guidance.



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